Madly in Loewe with Ghibli

A capsule collection for your inner child.


The whimsical, animated worlds of Studio Ghibli uniquely capture the essence and energy of childhood.

This is the genius of Miyazaki, one of Studio Ghibli’s founders, whose dreamlike creations have marked many of us, including Loewe’s Creative Director Jonathan Anderson.

The designer’s love of Ghibli has sparked an ongoing collaboration between the Japanese animation studio and the Spanish fashion house. Every year, a new limited edition collection is released, paying homage to one of Miyazaki’s masterpieces.


A homepage reimagined as child’s play.

Loewe’s first capsule collection celebrated Studio Ghibli’s poetic and comforting 1988 cult classic My Neighbour Totoro. To extend that sense of childhood and fantasy, AKQA transformed the Loewe homepage into a game of hide and seek, searching for Totoro.

For the following collection, Loewe turned to the 2001 masterpiece Spirited Away. An immersive homepage is a gateway to the world of spirits where Chihiro, our heroine, journeys from day to night through playful interactions.

Dreamy serenity and practical creativity, being in harmony with nature and with the child within us.

Jonathan Anderson, Creative Director of Loewe


An enchanting collaboration imbued with creativity.

The meticulous attention to detail makes Studio Ghibli’s films unforgettable. Similarly, Loewe has been obsessed with craft and quality since 1846. In colliding these two worlds, we find a mutual love of artisan-crafted magic, deep respect for the natural world and its importance to humankind, and a collective celebration of female empowerment.