Beats by Dre

As The Artist Intended

Uncovering the emotion behind the masterpiece.

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Music starts with a feeling.

A fleeting emotion that first compels the artist. It seeds a musical idea, nurtured in the street, grown in the studio, as creative spirit and craft is infused. It’s this raw feeling that resonates with audiences the world over: the universal language of music speaks to everyone.


The emotion of music, from the artist to you.

Intimate documentary footage offers a behind the scenes glimpse into the unique personal experiences that inspired ‘Without Me’ by Halsey and ‘Sunflower’ by Post Malone and Swae Lee to reveal the emotions behind the music, as originally felt and intended.

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Audiences get an insight into the moments behind the songs, while the series strengthens the Beats by Dre ethos of delivering music the way the artist intended.

Halsey’s film debuted moments after her live performance at the American Music Awards, while Post Malone’s film was recognised on YouTube’s Top 10 leaderboard. The films are produced by Iconoclast and directed by So Me, and together have received over 25 million views.