Sun Day Red

A Brand New Day

Launching Tiger Woods’ Sun Day Red to the world.


Even after doing it all, a champion still looks to what’s next.

Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer of all time. His greatness has not only been solidified by a stellar performance on the course, but also by the mark he has made off of it, with products and storytelling that have inspired and enabled countless others to follow in his footsteps.

After all his accomplishments, there is still one goal that Tiger’s eyes remain set on: launching a true brand of his own. This dawning of a new chapter is a moment to celebrate yesterday, and look forward to tomorrow.


It’s more than a shirt. It’s a mindset.

Tiger’s iconic look, a red shirt worn on Sundays, is recognised by his fans the world over, and feared by his competition everywhere. As Tiger released his very own brand, naming it Sun Day Red – with a subtle nod to his rule-of-threes approach to life – was the natural choice.

More than just a wardrobe selection, red represents his tenacity, work ethic, and obsession with competing at the highest level; a mindset woven into every stitch of fabric so that the next generation of golfers can wear his legacy, too.

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The sun rises on Tiger’s next chapter.

In partnership with TaylorMade, as well as Tiger’s own team, AKQA introduced Sun Day Red to the world through an unveil film, capitalising on the substantial organic buzz surrounding Tiger’s next step.

A simple sunrise motif threads everything together, capturing the metaphorical dawn of the new brand, while establishing the ownable red-centric colour palette.

Further films unpack the mentality of Tiger both on and off the course, guiding the audience to reserve early access for Sun Day Red’s performance and lifestyle apparel releases.

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Go get ‘em (again), Tiger.

And the crowd went wild. Earned coverage exceeded all expectations, with Sun Day Red’s new social accounts immediately soaring from zero to hundreds of thousands of followers in less than 24 hours. Achieving millions of organic views, the unveil film had pundits everywhere weighing in on Sun Day Red with excitement, and global fans looking forward to seeing Tiger’s legacy taking another swing forward.

In the first 24 hours, day one sales beat their first month’s forecast, and the following was achieved:

5m views of the launch film
120k new Instagram followers
500k visits to the website
50k email sign-ups 10% conversion