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For Life

When you feel safe, you can truly be free.


Safe leads progress.

For over 90 years, Volvo Cars have been synonymous with safety – to protect lives. But as the world changes, so must our definition. For Volvo, protecting lives isn’t enough. They want to help you live life to the fullest.

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When you feel safe, you can truly be free.

When we think about safety, we traditionally think of seat belts, steel cages and stop signs. Things that protect us, that hold us back. But what about the things that safeguard us in our everyday lives? The support of family, a crowd cheering you on, the power of a hug. Emotional safety nets that help us leave our comfort zone, protection that sets us free.

The story of safety as a catalyst for progress heralds in For Life, powerfully told through a collection of real-life stories and everyday moments as an emotive and anthemic film. It features Swedish pop star Seinabo Sey with the safety net of sisterhood. Blind Paralympian Lui Cuiqing with her guide runner as she races towards greatness. Professional skateboarder Sky Brown with family by her side as she propels herself to new heights, and MMA trainer Khadijah Safari. Her safety net: the community that she has created to empower others to feel free and realise their own potential.

The sentiment is amplified through the soundtrack of Don’t Stop Me Now, re-recorded by Seinabo Sey. Through social and editorial content, each individual’s story is further explored, to dive deeper into their fears and, ultimately, their triumphs.

Beyond an anthem film for a new era for safety, Volvo Cars wanted to engage customers on a whole new level by igniting a conversation around the core thought: Does how you feel affect how you drive, and vice versa? Through a series of provocative statements set against ambient gradient animations, emulating the non-binary nature of feelings, a dialogue was started to help us all reframe safety.

The conversation was flamed as these thought-provoking headlines appeared across out of home, online banners and in social media. An invitation to not only reframe safety, but to also actively participate by sharing thoughts and insights through an immersive and interactive experience. A global survey to help Volvo as the pioneers of safety, do what pioneers do best – step into the unknown – and better understand people and how life affects how they drive.

We have an ambition to be pioneers in the protection of people and the planet. We hope to bring to life safety beyond the traditional sense and highlight how you only can live life truly free when you both are and feel safe.

Andreas Malm, Creative Director, Volvo Cars.


The future of safety.

The Questions of Safety experience invites people into conversation to better understand how we feel, how living and driving are intertwined in our lives. The goal is to gather meaningful insights and data on driver behaviour, to fuel Volvo Cars’ research and development to potentially inspire further research and new products, services and experiences to make the world safer. Not only for Volvo Cars, but the entire industry.

The driver’s mind is an exciting and new frontier to explore. Psychological safety is a new area of research that holds the potential to help us in our journey to close the gap to zero. The potential to reach our safety vision.

Mikael Ljung Aust, Driver Behaviour Specialist, Volvo Safety Center.