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Making e-commerce work for customers and businesses.

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Improved logistics will help small businesses compete with big retail.

As e-commerce becomes an increasingly vital part of people’s lives, UPS sought to give shoppers a better way to receive and return packages while helping small businesses create a simpler way to ship.

While customer sentiment shows that people want to support small businesses, the ubiquity of quick, cheap returns from major online retailers has raised customer expectations to a place most small businesses struggle to meet. UPS is uniquely positioned to create a virtuous cycle: by helping small businesses simplify shipping and deliver a better experience for customers, these businesses will increase customer loyalty and drive revenue for the trusted UPS network.

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Using digital innovation to simplify the complexities of logistics.

In a rapidly evolving landscape, UPS required a compelling mobile solution that proved it could be as innovative as it is reliable.

UPS and AKQA partnered to bring sharpened clarity to the future of UPS, showing where this global company – which operates in more than 200 countries and territories, with more than 500,000 employees – should focus its digital investment moving forward. After identifying the most pressing tasks for shoppers and shippers, more than 50 product capabilities were scored, prioritised and mapped out to create an engaging, holistic, and mobile-driven experience.

The new experience makes it easier to send packages with one tap, ensure successful delivery on the first attempt, and effortlessly resolve problems when they arise. By utilising native features like camera and contacts, as well as designing digital-first service offerings like instant shipping quotes and rich visual tracking details, the new UPS app is intuitive for customers to use while equipping mobile-first business owners with game-changing tools.


Transforming business by improving customers’ lives.

Initially released as a beta, with frequent testing and updates, the fully-launched app experience has seen widespread adoption and has received strong reviews and ratings from both business owners and customers, exceeding industry benchmarks for satisfaction and ease of use. This success is testament to how shared insight, vision and close, collaborative partnership can create transformative change for even the largest and most established brands.

You’ve been excellent partners and, in my experience, the best agency-vendor relationship that I’ve ever worked with, which is why we truly think of you as partners. It was not just the quality of work you delivered; you were absolutely a part of the UPS team and made us better at every turn.

Olga Sulyagina, Vice President, Digital Experience, UPS