Refresh the feeling

Redesign achieves 250% downloads increase.


Technology waits for no one, not even the legends.

To accelerate focus into greater digital consumer experiences and to expand audiences, Coca-Cola sought to evolve its flagship app through a major redesign.


Pour on the joy with no need to register, strong aesthetics and playful interactions.

Born of the original Coca-Cola signature, the core of the design refresh is built on strong contrasts of red and white while transitions are highlighted by a wave-like element in a nod to the iconic bubbly beverage pouring into a glass.

The primary navigation is simple and concise, which provides a greater focus of purpose, while interactions are surrounded by fluid motion and playful feedback.

To increase accessibility, registration is no longer required to explore experiences, win prizes, play games, or create custom mixes for a precise pour at Coca-Cola Freestyle machines



A 250% increase in downloads year over year.

With a refreshed design, and less friction throughout, the big win signals a larger digital transformation for Coca-Cola.