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Where timeless savoir-faire intersects with innovation.

Loro Piana - Hero


A traceable legacy.

Loro Piana is one of the few clothing manufacturers that can claim its textiles are made of the finest fibres in the world. It is also one of the few to control its entire production process.

In the Aura Blockchain Consortium, Loro Piana cannot only guarantee the authenticity of luxury products but also provide traceability for every step of the vertically integrated production processes in pursuit of a more transparent and enriching experience.


From field to factory to store.

With the launch of the exclusive The Gift of Kings® pieces approaching, Loro Piana sought to leverage Aura Blockchain’s advanced technology. AKQA collaborated to develop a web app, allowing customers to scan a QR code on their garments to track their journey from the field to the shop floor, serving as both ownership and a certificate of authenticity.

To further elevate the experience, Loro Piana surprised customers with a collection of limited edition NFTs. These 20 artistic interpretations, created in collaboration with London-based artist Charlotte Taylor, depict each step of the handmade garment production process using The Gift of Kings® fibres.

The initiative was successfully introduced at the private opening event of Loro Piana’s new store, House of Sensations, located in Palo Alto, known for its concentration of technology companies. The event showcased the Weston Jackets and Vidal Coats from the Spring/Summer 2023 collection, accompanied by 10 NFTs for each garment offering a glimpse into the creation process by Charlotte Taylor.


360-degree transparency.

Loro Piana found the perfect balance between craft, tradition and a digital presence. Here, the time-honoured technology of engineering exquisite fibres meets the breakthrough technology of blockchain certification.

The venture was met with media coverage that praised the Maison for hailing in the future of fashion.

As part of its goal towards total transparency, Loro Piana has decided to extend the use of technology across all Excellences collections into the future, continuing to tell the unique stories of every piece created.