Lift Off With Air Max

Customised creations fly off the page.

nike create with air max-hero


Nike Air Max is a symbol of creativity in Japan.

The new Nike Air Max 2090 launched when fans had to stay at home due to the lockdown. An alternative way was needed to express the spirit of Air Max and bring people together in the absence of events.


Create with Air Max is an AR-enabled zine that allows users to customise the iconic shoe.

The mixed reality experience is a published work of fans’ stories and interviews by influencers, with a twist. Throughout the printed zine, readers discover Air Max inspired creativity, plus black-and-white illustrations. They scan the blank shoes with a smartphone to generate a floating AR model. As the shoe is coloured in on the page, the 3D model changes to reflect the creation. Once finished an animation of the design can be shared to social channels.

create with air max-thumb


Fans’ imaginations are engaged, and the uplifting spirit of Air Max is spread.

One thousand copies of the 56-page limited-edition zine were distributed to Nike stores across Japan as a giveaway. The colouring book is a personalised experience that takes customisation to a whole new level.