Force 10

On your wrist in real-time.

Force 10 Mosaic - 1920x1080


Seeing the Force 10 on your wrist gets you closer to creating the perfect piece.

FRED has crafted sun-infused contemporary jewellery since 1936. A nod to the founder Fred Samuel’s passion for sailing, the Force 10 bracelet is one of the Maison’s signature pieces. With thousands of combinations available, from bracelet to buckle, it isn’t easy to configure your idyllic Force 10 online.


Turning the versatility of Force 10 into a virtual playground.

A high-end product demands high-end real-time 3D rendering. Without an existing solution elegant enough to meet the needs of FRED, AKQA set out to create one. A global search for an advanced configurator technology led to Haptic media, who became trusted partners.

To push the boundaries of web-based live 3D rendering, we returned to the drawing board, taking the raw industrial assets from FRED and using 3D low polygonal modelling and shading to bring life and light to Force 10. Machine learning algorithms were developed for the Virtual Try-On mobile optimisation, enabling markerless wrist tracking from a camera stream.

With the opportunities offered by technology, we want to empower our customers with the best solution to explore and customise our products and this is only a first step.

Charles Leung, CEO at FRED


Pure product. No app.

The many configurations of the Force 10 bracelet can be tested directly on your wrist in real-time 3D from a web browser without using an app, giving the impression of handling the actual product.

The highly evolved Virtual Try-On was modelised, prototyped, tested, and rolled out within six months. It has resulted in a +57% conversion rate and is just the beginning of the possibilities of this innovative technology.