L’Oréal Paris

House of Worth

Bringing the heart of Paris to Shanghai.

House of Worth Hero


For over 50 years, Because You’re Worth It has been an integral part of the L’Oréal Paris identity, empowering women to recognise their true self-worth.

How might a retail experience represent Because You’re Worth It for a new generation of beauty lovers?


Transport L’Oréal members to the House of Worth in the heart of Paris, where they can indulge in an individualised skincare shopping experience.

Located on Shanghai’s famous Nanjing East Road, the House of Worth welcomes shoppers to experience the future of retail. As they wait in line to be assisted by a personal beauty associate, customers can watch in-person livestreams hosted instore, customising the scene behind the presenter. Plus, take a bike ride through the streets of Paris, collecting loyalty rewards as they do so.


A blueprint for the future of retail.

This was the first flagship store L’Oréal has launched in China and was covered extensively across Chinese media platforms. The project delivered a range of firsts for L’Oréal in physical retail and connected mobile.

The blueprint created with the AKQA team transformed how the L’Oréal group develop experiences, with several now following suit with experiential flagships, utilising many of the same methodologies and components. The seamless exchange of data between the store and connected mobile platform has since been adopted as a core component of the CRM and IT capabilities.

The custom visualisations designed to analyse skin condition have been carried over into virtual try-on applications across the L’Oréal group.