AKQA wins 25 D&AD awards including three Yellow Pencils.

Across the AKQA Family D&AD recognised world changing work that has made commendable impact in local communities and within global markets. Congresso em Foco’s Transparency Card in collaboration with AKQA is honoured with two Yellow Pencils for Digital Design and Digital Social. Makro’s Life Extending Stickers in partnership with Grey is awarded a Yellow Pencil for Packaging Design.

The D&AD Awards showcase and celebrate the world’s best creativity in design, advertising, craft, and production. Since 1962, it has become one of the world's most prestigious awards, inviting commercial creative industries to enter their innovations to be judged by over 330 of the world’s leading creatives.


Receiving nine Pencils for work with clients across a range of categories AKQA is also honoured with two inaugural Pencils for work in the Luxury category.

Yellow Pencil, Digital Design, Digital and Social

Congresso em Foco, AKQA - Transparency Card

Each year, Brazil experiences $40 billion in losses due to corrupt political expenditures, a challenge to monitor that creates opportunities for corruption. Transparency Card provides access to complex government databases and alerts users when politicians are taking advantage of public funds. The public can now receive real-time information through straightforward push notifications, offering a simple and accessible format for monitoring.

The project also won a Wooden Pencil for Impact.

Transparancey card-thumb
Congresso em Foco – Transparency Card

Wood Pencil, Visual effects and Compositing

Bethesda Softworks, Starfield Wild Imagination

In Starfield, players explore open space as they embark on an epic journey to answer humanity’s greatest mystery. The launch film captures the breathtaking journey through the stars, spotlighting the game’s expansive scope and exploratory spirit. The story features the excitement of a young girl looking up at the night sky filled with curiosity. When a chance encounter brings her face-to-face with a heroic explorer, her wild imagination envisions the incredible adventures waiting for her in space, accompanied by a stunning orchestral rendition of Sir Elton John’s iconic Rocket Man.

Wood Pencil, Animation

Bethesda Softworks, Starfield The Settled Systems

The animated anthology shares stories of new beginnings, hope and opportunity. Each short film introduces a taste of Starfield’s planets, cultures and backgrounds. The narratives expanded on existing world lore and emphasised the human stories at the centre of Starfield’s take on space science fiction.

ION tvspot-thumbnail
Bethesda Softworks – Starfield Wild Imagination


Honoured with 14 Pencils, Grey has received accolades for work across Experiential and Impact categories across Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Makro’s Life Extending Stickers collects seven Pencils. The work leverages the fruit sticker and gives it a real purpose. By using the normally discarded packaging, the colour wheel on the sticker is able to extend the fresh fruit life cycle by suggesting recipes based on ripeness and colour.

Let’s Change the Story for LALCEC receives two Wooden Pencils for their work on raising awareness of breast cancer along with a Wooden Pencil in Innovation for the American Society of Clinical Oncology project The Most Beautiful Sound.

Further Graphite Pencils were awarded to Vodafone’s The Remote for Sound Design and Use of Music, along with Save the Children’s Rain for Direction. The work reiterates an urgent call to action to every sector of society, to implement an emerging program that protects the life of girls, boys and adolescents.

Wooden Pencils were awarded to FWD Singing Bus in the Impact category. The work allows vision impaired people living in Thailand navigate a complex public transport system through the use of song. Love Squad for Waoo receives a Wooden Pencil for Digital and Social for gamers to leverage pro talent in their online games.

Universal Design Studio and Map Project Office

IBM Quantum System Two and the Artificial Intelligence Unit were awarded two Graphite Pencils for Product Design and Technology Innovation in collaboration with both Universal Design Studio and Map Project Office.

IBM Quantum System Two introduces a new era of quantum technology as the world’s first modular, customisable quantum computing system designed to solve complex problems beyond the reach of today’s classical supercomputers. It facilitates a range of cryostat configurations and enables users to swap in classical and AI hardware to increase computational capacity.

The Artificial Intelligence Unit (AIU) is a new chip architecture invented specifically for AI workloads. Servers and chips are often hidden—living in cold dark boxes in even colder darkened rooms. Map Project Office designed this showcase AIU cluster to bridge the gap between people and technology.