Free Fire x Anitta


Supporting in-game inclusivity and representation.


As the most downloaded mobile game in 2020 and 2021, Free Fire offers a unique platform to inspire change.

To open the inclusion and representation of female and LGBTQIAP+ players, Free Fire partnered with global chart-topping singer Anitta.


Anitta is the first female celebrity to turn into a playable Free Fire character, using the nickname her fans call her, The Boss. Along with the character, several exclusive in-game items and skins are released.

Working with L.A. scene director Christian Breslauer, a new single, Squad, announces the partnership with a music video to portray the Boss' epic arrival in the game.

Anitta Group

Featuring six of the greatest Free Fire streamers and pro players, the music video is full of easter eggs and hidden coupons giving out free in-game items.


With over 2.5M views in less than 24 hours, the video and partnership hit the headlines, exciting pop fans and gamers across Brazil.

Anitta’s dance moves in the video became TikTok trends, and the partnership inspired a tournament to promote new female Free Fire players. The Boss’ Cup is broadcast live nationwide on a free-to-air TV channel.

Most importantly, it shows that gaming is for everyone and Free Fire’s dedication to inclusivity.

3.3b views on TikTok
45% female professional teams in Brazil
Anitta Driving