The Real Airdrop

Bringing Free Fire to life.


Free Fire was Brazil’s most downloaded mobile game for two consecutive years in 2020 and 2021.

To give something back to the fans, Garena the games developer, and AKQA created a tailor-made experience for its vast Brazilian community.


The game has turned into reality.

In Free Fire, planes fly by and drop items. Turning the game into reality: Airdrops were made available all over Brazil through AR, in different cities every day.

When a digital plane flew by, gamers pointed their phones up to the sky and captured drops that went straight into their in-game wallets, gifting virtual items to Free Fire fans. The app combined users’ geolocation with actual flight data to create the highly awaited moments.

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1,251,427 airdrops across 1083 cities.

Free Fire’s first campaign included a film, digital media and support from influencers who helped spread the news. Two million fans registered on the Airdrop app and anticipated picking up the drops.

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