Imagine a place

Where no one feels like an outsider.

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For some, Discord is just a good place to talk or study. For others, it’s a secret lair full with everyone from gamers to birdwatchers.

The platform means so much and many different things to its community of 150 million people. So how do you even begin to describe this indescribable world? To help, Discord is put in the hands of its fans, with their stories driving every creation.

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Discord visitors explain the app in their own words.

Using the metaphorical device of Imagine a place________ the replies were funny, surreal, moving, emotional and nonsensical. The process opened the doors to a rich and colourful array of creative territories brought to life with compelling visuals. The unlikely duo of Awkwafina and Danny DeVito, who are helped by real-life explanations, roam the world of Discord to figure out its secrets.

The movie’s wild narrative journey is inspired by those improbable metaphors, provoking unexpected twists and turns, and sudden jumps from world to world, live-action to CGI, stop-motion, claymation to 2D animation. A world as rich and diverse as the Discord platform.


A spectacular stage for the Discord community.

Discord continues to partner with broad reaching platforms and celebrate cultural moments as a community such as June Pride month, which like Discord advocates for a more inclusive society.

The showcase film is launched with the opening of the 2021 Olympics across digital and physical formats and as the message continues to build momentum and visibility, the app is seeing significant lifts in awareness and consideration.