We Watched It All

The most anticipated Season Finale of the year: the end of 2020.



In a year confined to the couch, Netflix took us on a wild ride.

As one of this year’s few entertainment options, Netflix is both a source of sanity, but also endless scrolling.

Audiences had spent so many hours in front of screens that there was a collective feeling that everything had been watched on the platform.

Avoiding those somber feelings of 2020, the viewing became a celebration, a joyful playlist in an otherwise melancholy year.



A surreal sing-along, to celebrate the end of a strange year.

After receiving a prompt that he’s “finished Netflix”, a relatable fan is taken on an immersive metaphorical trip down memory lane; back through everything he and the wider audience had watched and felt, together.

As this hero moves through his retrospective journey, the lyrics and bizarre visuals make fan-centric references to some of 2020’s most iconic and talked about moments.

The film was teased with a back-and-forth on social between our hero and Netflix. This was followed up with AR filters, and music track releases, to keep the audience fully immersed in the moment.


‘We Watched It All’ captures audience sentiment in 2020

With high-praise in audience comments, The film outperformed mega-title content counterparts on Netflix’s social channels.

The music and lyrics were composed by the lead actor, Matt Buechele. Other cameo talent appearances featured Chris Hemsworth (Extraction), Anya Taylor Joy (Queen’s Gambit), Alvaro Morte (La Casa de Papel), Lily Collins (Emily in Paris), and Asa Butterfield & Ncuti Gatwa (Sex Education).


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