See It In Prizm

Full-spectrum appeal.

oakley prizm hero


Professional athletes have long been familiar with Oakley’s trademark lens technology.

Prizm’s finely calibrated contrast and colour vibrancy serve up superior visual detail, in every environment. As these flagship sports lenses roll out across Oakley’s entire lifestyle range, how can we humanise Prizm, to share this enhanced vantage – once the preserve of only superstar athletes – with the rest of us?


Prizm by the people. What do you see?

Recreational passionate players team with the professionals, spurned by this single question to capture Prizm’s universal, game-changing impact. Catching 22 sports across six global settings, the blockbuster footage courses with action and adrenaline to frame how this varied squad see their worlds enhanced through Prizm’s full-spectrum functionality.

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Prizm transcends technology, as an emblem for passion and ambition.

Over 180 star athletes enter the ring, and #OneObsession becomes an arena for 28 million people of all levels to engage with Oakley and Team Oakley icons. See It In Prizm inspires all of us to relentlessly pursue our own obsessions, as we answer this visionary question ourselves.