Blockdown Simulator

Learning how to combat a pandemic, one block at a time.

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Most communications that prove how social distancing mitigates a pandemic are inaccessible to younger audiences.

Minecraft is one of the world’s most loved games, with more than 145 million active players every month. It is the perfect springboard to explain this crucial behaviour in a simple and interactive way.


Blockdown Simulator is a free Minecraft map where players can learn about social distancing, through a zombie pandemic.

In the custom-built map, players simulate a zombie outbreak in a medieval village, before applying social distancing measures in generated houses. The map contains an underground hospital with intensive care units where players can play doctors to heal infected villagers using the right potions and apples. The simple, playable model demonstrates how various social measures can mitigate a pandemic and its resultant effects on healthcare services.

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Positive discussions about social distancing is encouraged among the Minecraft community, and beyond.

The project supports the UNDP and Heart17 for #TomorrowTogether. The initiative has been covered by international press and gaming blogs such as, BBC News, The Drum, AdWeek, Gamerant and LADBible.




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