Tudum Remix

The soundtrack of Netflix Brazil’s 10th anniversary party.

Tudum Hero


With Netflix turning 10 in Brazil, a celebration in true Brazilian style was required.

Tudum is the gateway to the Netflix universe, a place where music and great stories meet.



Netflix’s signature opening Tudum sound, an iconic brand asset, is turned into anthem music for the anniversary party.

The unmistakable two-beat sound that we all hear before entering the world of Netflix is remixed into five Brazilian rhythms: Pop, Trap, Pagode, Piseiro and Samba Reggae. Tudum Remix, the soundtrack of Netflix’s party, has been created by five music stars representing the plurality of Brazilian music.

The soundtrack comes to life in a music video starring the singers and a renowned TikTok choreographer Martin Klayver. The main character dances through the scenarios of Netflix shows, such as Money Heist, Stranger Things and Sex Education.

A vinyl record has also been released, including all five songs, plus a remix and bonus track Tudum Funk.

Fans hit the dance floor.

Choreographer Martin Klayver launched a TikTok challenge. Martin asked his 5.6M followers to repeat routines inspired by the story of three Netflix shows:

  • Getting rich (Money Heist)
  • Eleven’s power (Stranger Things)
  • Taking mud off the boot (The Witcher)


Netflix Tudum Remix engages with audiences organically and creatively, generating +125K interactions.

With presence on TikTok and Spotify, the content has reached audiences with interests in music and dance. The TikTok challenge was viewed +982M times on the first day, with the Spotify playlist visited by +2M unique listeners.


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