Stranger Antenna

Turning ‘80s memorabilia digital.

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To launch Stranger Things season three Netflix decided to bring a nostalgic TV hack to mobile phones – steel wool.

In the 1980s, to get a better reception, Brazilians put Bom Bril on their TV antennas as it was believed to improve the broadcasting signal reception. If Stranger Things fans want to have a sneak peek on what’s coming next season, they just have to do the same with their mobile phones.

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The Stranger Things season three launch announcement comes with an innovative mobile experience: Stranger Antenna.

This platform contains exclusive video content that plays homage to iconic retro Brazillian TV shows. To watch the films fans simply download Stranger Antenna and put a steel wool ball close to the back of their phones.

The app starts with a static noise screen - just like a vintage TV, as soon as you put steel wool or a metallic object close to to the mobile phone, it goes from no signal to clear crystal image. The closer the item is, the better. The magic happens because of the use of the mobile phone magnetometer sensor - the same used by the phone to locate north magnetic pole. Rewarding fans with new film content everyday, hosted by Carlos Moreno, an iconic Brazilian presenter.

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Turning 1980s memorabilia into a digital activation.

Stranger Antenna delivers an unusual storytelling experience to warm up fans for the new season and keep them excited, whilst paying homage to the past.


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