Beck’s Frequency

Music sounds bitter with you.


Oxford University studies indicate that low sound frequencies enhance the brain’s perception of bitter flavours.

Beck’s put this theory to the test, in an experiment that explores the interplay between senses.


Using a frequency of 73 Hz can alter the flavour of any beer to make it taste more bitter.

Taking Beck’s signature music genre to amplify a signature taste, electronic DJs have reworked tracks at 73 Hz, to intensify the sensation of bitter flavours.

Brazilian DJ Badsista tested the effect of Beck’s Sound Frequency on people for a short film. The group were amazed to find the beer is much sweeter when the track is switched to a regular frequency, even though the liquid in hand is the same. A self-guided playlist offers an interactive version of this test to try at home.

Beck's Frequency PR Image #1


Beck’s is bitter in any frequency.

Beck’s Sound Frequency uniquely highlights how music can affect taste, meaning Beck’s bitterness can be achieved anywhere, with any beer.


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