Netflix and Chills

Elvira is the doctor. Movies are her medicine.

Elvira hero


Horror and thrillers are good for your health.

It may seem counterintuitive but, according to science, sitting down to be cinematically stressed out, jump-scared and confronted with grisly murders can be beneficial to your health. Stress needs relief and can’t be allowed to just linger under the surface – it needs to be confronted, which is where scary movies come in.


A weekly prescription of horror and thrillers with Dr Elvira.

Netflix crafted a film, weekly episodes, billboards and other touchpoints to introduce Dr Elvira, The Mistress of the Dark, to help prescribe audiences wholesome entertainment throughout October, backed up by something we like to call cold-blooded science.

To spread the health benefits of Netflix and Chills, Dr Elvira prescribes the audience several weeks of healthy entertainment in her iconic irreverent tone. Dr Elvira’s psychiatry office is a mix of expertise and eeriness, with lots of easter egg references to the darker side of storytelling hung on the walls. The hero film introduces the theme and promises to prescribe you frightful content to watch each week.

Netflix- -Chill-113 (dragged)


Horror is the medicine.

Netflix and Chills has brought Netflix’s horror, and thriller catalogue to the forefront of viewers’ minds in the lead up to Halloween, with Dr Elvira appearing on billboards around Los Angeles and in Times Square and in weekly episodics, a unique customised Elvira emoji and more.