AKQA wins eight D&AD Awards including two Yellow Pencils

The D&AD Awards showcase and celebrates the world’s best creativity in design, advertising, craft, and production. The esteemed global jury selected 25 entries for shortlist, with eight of these winning a coveted D&AD Pencil.

AKQA projects have won two Yellow, one Graphite and five Wood Pencils. Grey were also awarded seven Wood Pencils, these have been awarded across the Digital, Film and Writing for Design categories.

Yellow Pencil

Action Audio, Tennis Australia

A new way for audiences with visual impairments to follow sport in real-time. Action Audio enables blind and low vision sports fans to enjoy the grand slam for the first time alongside friends and family. Addressing a real problem by turning what needs to be seen into sound.

Action Audio received two Yellow Pencils in the Experiential Use of Technology and Entertainment Audio categories, the project also won a Wood Pencil in Digital Design Inclusive.

Action Audio image

Wood Pencil

The Great Untold, Netflix and Adobe

With the shared belief that great stories can come from anyone and anywhere, AKQA architected the partnership of Netflix and Adobe to create a short film competition with an adventurous twist. The ask: to make a movie trailer of an untold story set in your world. The three winners were selected via entries shared on TikTok and will see their films brought to life.

The Great Untold received two Wood Pencils in the Digital Integrated and Digital User Participation categories.