Nego Bala’s Sonho wins Grand Clio Music Award

AKQA has received the highest honour of a Grand Clio within the Music Marketing, Film and Video category for Sonho by Nego Bala.

The fifteen minute music videos celebrates the first album of the Brazilian singer Nego Bala, set to the song Sonho, meaning Dreams. The film tells Nego Bala’s unique story of resilience, empowerment and resistance with a sensibility capable of transforming tragedy into poetry. The work was also recognised with a Silver Clio for Film and Video Craft Direction.

The Clio Music awards celebrate the emotional power of music to connect individuals around the world. Focusing on inspiring ideas and encouraging meaningful connections within the creative community.

No matter where you are, you have to fight and never stop dreaming. This is the message I want to send to my community with this record.

Nego Bala
Nego Bala Hero
Nego Bala - Sonho

Beck’s, Frequency is also recognised at the Clio Music Awards, achieving a Silver Clio for Branded Entertainment & Content and Bronze Clio for Integrated Campaign.