Fortnite with Unofficial

Play the Frame

You don’t wear the new eyewear collection. You play it.

Play the Frame - Hero


Firmly at the vanguard of technology, Generation Z are leading a shift in behaviour to live and shop between digital and physical worlds.

One such place is Fortnite, the cult battle royale game with 350 million unique players, up to 30 million of whom might be found playing in a single day. It’s a captive audience for Unofficial: the young ambitious eyewear brand ready to make it’s mark on modern youth culture.


A new breed of eyewear has landed on Earth, with the power to turn the real world into a digital playground.

Being the first eyewear brand to land a collaboration with Fortnite demands a certain degree of panache. An immersive campaign was imagined as an extension of the game. Borrowing heavily from the codes of Fortnite, Unofficial invited everyone to Play the Frame, blurring the lines between physical self and digital avatar in a fantastical in-between world.

This is eyewear history. Co-branding with Fortnite allows us to strengthen Unofficial as a young and affordable brand fitted to take part in the global Generation Z conversation.

Francisco Alvarez Etxegara, Group Eyewear Director at GrandVision


An epic stunt.

1.6 million fans tuned in on Twitch and YouTube to catch the livestream events, hosted in the UK, France and Germany, racking up 150,000 hours of footage watched. All three lives were in top trends on YouTube and Twitch.

The map was then open to everyone, to give a chance to the streamers’ communities to beat the highest score. In total, more than 2,000 hours were spent on the map, for an average playtime of 35 minutes.

The bold, disruptive activation played out across point of sale, social, paid media and digital, leveraging Unofficials’ digital audience alongside its network of 4000 stores across 27 countries.

1.6m fans tuned in
150k hours of footage watched
2k hours spent on the map
35 minutes of average playtime