We Do More With Less

Removing the unnecessary to focus on the essentials.


When we buy more and use less, we clutter our closets, landscapes and minds.

DbyD glasses are a durable alternative in the eyewear industry, and provide an invitation to a progressive outlook that consumes fewer but finer.


Prioritising the pre-requisites to create space for the meaningful.

We Do More With Less is DbyD’s ruling principle, driving all initiatives from the development of collections to all its communications. This philosophy is reflected in the minimalism of its frames, the simplicity of visuals and in the lightness of its font, purposely designed to use less ink.

AKQA supported GrandVision in a two year long project, creating a fresh platform, experience principles and communications. All DbyD collections are imagined around the same concept of simplicity, focusing only on the essential: from the core timeless spectacles to the bio-acetate range inspired by nature.

To leverage the collections, all expressions echo the same viewpoint. An integrated and coherent identity covers all touchpoints to convey the same values, from an energy-saving dark-mode website to an in-store takeover using only recycled materials.

The We Do More With Less philosophy is best seen in the DbyD recycled range made of reclaimed ocean-bound plastic. To support the collection, visuals and language celebrate the beauty of using the old to breathe life into the new, all with simplicity and minimalism.


Less waste, more glasses.

DbyD unveiled the new identity worldwide, supporting local markets with adapted strategies and guidelines. Thanks to GrandVision’s presence in more than 40 countries and 7200 stores, We Do More With Less is an endeavour that seeks to minimise impact at scale and will be supported with more initiatives through time.