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Offside Museum

A museum of those brave enough to play.

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During 1921 to 1979, women were legally banned from football in countries across the globe.

Many defied this oppression to valiantly play on, but were forced into a corner of secrecy, leaving this critical era never properly recorded. Until now.


The world unites to unearth a museum of those brave enough to play.

A global crowd-sourcing effort gathers memories, evidence and first-hand accounts of these pioneering heroes, making the thousands of documents and photographs public via the Google Arts & Culture arena. The sport’s first female referee, Léa Campos, appears in a documentary film, having withstood 15 arrests that collectively couldn’t restrain her spirit.

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The museum unveils during the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, introducing international audiences to these incredible women that kept our shared dream alive.

For the first time in history, the evidence and insight of this forgotten era stands proud in the open field. Meanwhile, the original documents and photographs take final positions: permanently preserved, in the São Paulo Football Museum’s secure archives.

On November 28 Offside Museum won the top honour of a Grand Clio Sports Award in the Direct category along with a Silver Clio for Social Good.