Performing Arts

Step on stage.



The world of performing arts can appear closed and remote – accessible only to an elite few – as accessabilitiy of viewing performances has changed very little over the centuries.

Google wanted to give people the chance to experience the passion and drama of the stage as never before.


A totally immersive 360° experience – allowing anyone to step on stage with the world’s greatest actors, singers and dancers, and giving them full control of their view.

Partnering with more than 60 venues, Google Performing Arts takes the audience by the hand on an exhilarating journey from centre stage to backstage.



World-renowned venues can now reach a new global audience and give them access to the finest performances, wherever they are.

Google Performing Arts drew more than 500,000 unique visitors on launch day, and has garnered 2.4 million page views and generated 122 million impressions since.