A voyage of discovery.



Curious Eurostar passengers ask one particular question more than any other: “Can you see the fish when you go through the Channel tunnel?”

It was this insight into the minds of their travellers that inspired a unique on-board experience – Eurostar Odyssey – which brings fascinating stories of the seabed to life.


Eurostar Odyssey is the world's first on-board, virtual reality experience. An underwater adventure for little ones and the young at heart.

The interactive film takes its viewers on a breath-taking journey, transforming the roof of the train into a glass ceiling that reveals the watery world beyond. Feeding the imagination of those inquisitive travellers, the app allows you to explore the flora, fauna and sea-life beyond the walls of the tunnel.

Eurostar Odyssey Thubnail


Playful and immersive, Eurostar Odyssey transforms the on-board experience, making it as much about the journey as the destination.

It also lays the foundations for future Eurostar VR adventures, with every detail designed to be scaled. The app shifts Eurostar’s offer from railway service to pioneering travel experience.