The Grand Tour of Italy

Marvel at masterpieces.



Italian culture – art, architecture, music and food – has been loved and respected for centuries.

But the understanding and appreciation of Italy’s masterpieces, how they’ve shaped the present and inspire the future, fades with each passing generation. Can technology re-engage Italians with their past?


Three hundred years ago, the Grand Tour was the ultimate voyage of discovery. Privileged Europeans travelled from Venice to Sicily, to admire Italy’s finest architecture and art.

Google’s Grand Tour of Italy reinvents this unique cultural adventure, for everyone to experience. Hosted in four key cities, each digital trip uncovers the stories behind the country’s wonders – from Canaletto’s paintings in ultra-high resolution, to the Redentore fireworks in 360° – all brought to life with Google technologies.

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Following its launch event at the Venice Biennale, Google’s Grand Tour of Italy sold out in Palermo, Siena and Venice.

Online, it fuelled cultural conversation, with more than 6 million interactions of #GoogleGrandTour. Through the inventive application of its ground-breaking technologies, Google has helped Italians reconnect with their enchanting past.