Walk with Yeshi

A young Ethiopian woman takes us on her daily search for clean water.



When it comes to raising an issue, many charities fall into a conventional formula.

From sombre films to ‘shock value’ imagery, the power of human connection is being lost; the audience simply can’t relate to the issue.


Contextualise the human side of the global water crisis through a multi-sensory journey.

Built for Facebook Messenger, Walk With Yeshi takes individuals on a 2.5 hour journey, matching the length of the average walk for water.

Yeshi represents millions of young African women who walk for hours each day to collect water. She shares the sound of her footsteps, the music of her village, the sights of her path, and the wisdom of her hardship.

Lokai Walk with Yeshi video thumbnail


Re-defining storytelling for the connected generation.

By connecting with Yeshi in Ethiopia, people from around the world comprehend and endure the sheer distance, heat and struggle Ethiopian girls experience on their daily search for water.

The project marks the beginning of Lokai’s transformation into a storytelling platform.

Since launch, the Walk With Yeshi initiative has extended into an activation that sees people literally walk with Yeshi around NYC.