Car Insurance

The world’s first instant car insurance app.

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Traditionally, the process of getting car insurance can take up to a week, often requiring a visit to a store and completing numerous forms.

Thanks to smartphones, we can now do just about anything in an instant.

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Purchase car insurance in under a minute. The all-new Go app designed for iPhone makes buying car insurance fast and effortless.

By simply snapping a photo of their licence, drivers get a quote and pay securely with Apple Pay – instantly receiving an insurance card in Wallet on iPhone. Drivers can then start messaging from Apple Watch and get rich notifications each time a payment is made. They can also share their card with family members through the Go iMessage app.

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The Go app takes the existing and outdated model of buying car insurance and makes it as fast and simple as posting a photo.

Go is also the first insurance app to be featured on the App Store homepage.