Earth is flat

Cracking the code for a better commute.

Cowboy Hero


A better commute comes with sacrifices.

60 per cent of people use their car for commutes under five kilometres. Commuters want to be greener and see less cars in downtown areas, but this comes with limitations. Or it did have limits before Cowboy rolled out its latest e-bike and adjacent technology.

AdaptivePower. A feature embedded in the bike’s software and hardware, seamlessly compensating for steep slopes, facing wind and extra weight, which cyclists know they will encounter.



The feeling of riding without a care in the world.

AdaptivePower and the Cowboy C4 make you forget about natural conditions with seamless technology. This is demonstrated through a series of print ads led by taglines that question what people feel on a Cowboy e-bike.

Earth is flat, wind is fake, and gravity doesn’t exist. The prints differed from black and white codes of the e-bike world, adding blush tones as well as using 3D to romance the design of the e-bike. Playing on the impression of a flat Earth, the film subtly illustrates the feeling of a perfect ride, regardless of the steepness of the road, supported by smooth music.


Joining the ride.

Cowboy and its new AdaptivePower technology was the subject of over 200 articles in the weeks after the launch and gained an influencer reach of 2.7 million. The earth is flat message engaged and intrigued audiences, leading to a rise in sales.