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Sky Protect is here to keep every home safe.

Sky has placed itself at the heart of homes for over 30 years. Now, it is here to protect each home as well. Sky Protect is an innovative approach to protecting homes, combining home insurance with a full range of smart technology that help identify issues before they become unmanageable.

New research reveals home insurance as coming top of a list of the most boring topics to discuss among UK homeowners. In contrast, over a third said they now have smart technology in their property, which they actively engage with at least once a week.

Sky Protect sought after a narrative as accessible and enchanting as its app.

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Fantastical worlds where magic meets modernity.

To illustrate the transformative power of protection, classic fairy tale characters have been reimagined with a twist. The classic Giant’s beanstalk becomes a city skyscraper and Goldilocks’ Three Bears would rather eat a bowl of overnight oats. In each of the tales, iconic characters, who are typically associated with break-ins, thefts and damages, use Sky Protect in various ways to safeguard what they hold dear. Ultimately, they are granted their happily ever after.


Pioneering the future of home protection.

The launch of Sky Protect demonstrates that there is a smarter approach to look after homes. This addition of home insurance complements Sky’s ever-expanding portfolio, which already includes TV, broadband, mobile and streaming services. The imaginative world created will continue to expand, with more films scheduled for later release, along with an abundance of new stories coming to life in both digital and physical realms.

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At Sky, we have a heritage in entering new markets and shaking them up, and we’re about to do the same with home insurance.

Stephen van Rooyen, Chief Executive Officer at Sky UK, Ireland and Chief Commercial Officer at Sky Group