Sky Glass

Made of Magic

The Wizard.

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The new Sky Glass, the world’s first carbon-neutral TV, works like magic.

For the first time, Sky has released a television of their own which combines the best entertainment, with the highest level of craft, innovation, and technology. By removing the need of a satellite dish, a set-top box, or separate speakers — and available in five colours that will blend into any environment — Sky Glass feels less like a piece of technology and more like magic.

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Believe in magic.

Through the eyes of a child who truly believes, the magic of Sky Glass comes to life. With his canine apprentice by his side, the aspiring wizard works to perform the ultimate spell and transform TV forever. The idea evolved into a series of eight unique films, each uncovering the intrinsic magic of Sky Glass. With each tale lovingly directed by Michael Gracey of The Greatest Showman, the world of the wizard saw ingenuity and imagination perfectly intertwined.

When a child learns the word impossible it is one of the saddest days in their life,” says Gracey, “because before that anything is possible.

The Wizard should allow us all to rekindle the feeling of childlike wonderment and believe a little more in everyday magic.

This will change how we do our advertising forever.

Sunny Bhurj, Marketing Executive, Sky


Casting a spell.

The Wizard signals a change for Sky. Moving away from predominantly product focussed advertising and towards the sincerity and charm of classic storytelling. The series of films will sit alongside an expansive outdoor advertising and digital effort, which follow suit in the magical theme. The body of work is one of the largest campaigns in Sky’s illustrious history. It embeds Sky firmly at the heart of our homes and cements the mantra of made of magic.