Here’s to the lazy ones

A tribute to those who believe that smart working beats hardworking.



Laziness has become a lost art.

Research shows that the majority of Americans today consider being busy as some sort of status symbol. This rather unhealthy emphasis on productivity has spilled over from our work lives into our leisure time, resulting in a growing pressure to spend our precious free time improving either ourselves or the world around us. Many people might think that the pandemic put a stop to this trend but on the contrary, people found and shared new, inventive ways to up their performance.



While the world is striving for high performance, Cutwater celebrates laziness.

Only lazy people are capable of finding the easiest and smartest way to do things. These people have an impressive ability to spare every effort, yet simultaneously reach outstanding results. This campaign celebrates the fine art of laziness, putting the lazy ones in the spotlight. Starting from product truth of quality combined with convenience, Cutwater shows consumers how less effort can lead to a higher quality of life. So, if you’re someone who doesn’t try too hard — try Cutwater.


Lazy but loud.

Here’s to the lazy ones addresses the challenge of being an underdog within the Super Bowl season as well as working out how to create a memorable and relevant message that will live after the event. More than that, the word laziness is turned into something that people should be proud of, while transforming Cutwater into a brand that many can relate with.

“Creating a Super Bowl campaign is always an amazing and challenging opportunity, but doing it from concept to production in less than 30 days was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It was only possible because the collaboration between Cutwater Spirits and AKQA brought a whole new level of passion. Today we want to celebrate not only the work but also the people behind it.”

Executive Creative Directors AKQA Jean Zamprogno and Fernando Pellizzaro