Sky Entertainment

Gangs of London NFT

For fans of the future.



Ownership for the community.

In a world where the power dynamics and territories of future London are constantly in flux, the opportunity arises for fans to gain a novel medium of entertainment ownership.

GangsofLondonNFT Thumb


Blurring the lines between physical and story worlds.

It’s not just an NFT. It’s a key to the expansive future of Gangs of London.

Gangland belongs only to the owners of the limited, custom-designed tokens, which unlock otherwise unseen views of the Gangs of London universe for the newest series release.

Each unique token was designed by the show’s Storyboard Illustrator, Ferenc Nothof, featuring a character directly from the show, backed by original score.


The new top Gang of London.

Holders of the limited-run of NFTs also gained unparalleled access to the underworld. From this, an all-new gang formed, looking to build succeeding series of Gangs of London worlds.

Developing an NFT collection has been an ambitious project. As a Sky-first, and with Gangs of London being a much-loved Sky Original, it was important we got it right. The team has done an amazing job of creating something unique that speaks to fans.

Lucy Johnstone, Head of Marketing, Sky Entertainment

It’s been an exciting journey collaborating with Sky on Gangs of London, taking the first steps into a new landscape. We realised that embracing NFTs would allow us to immerse viewers further into the show and shape the future of entertainment.

Joshua Lim, Creative Director, AKQA