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Helping LGBTQ+ refugees obtain asylum.

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LGBTQ+ refugees flee from persecution and death simply for being who they are. To stay, they must prove what they’ve always hidden.

In a subjective and legally uncertain interview process, it’s up to the authorities to decide if they are part of the Pride community.

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LGBTQ+ refugees were given official roles in the organisation of West Pride, to make it harder for the Migration Agency to question their cases.

As the anonymous faces of the Swedish non-governmental organisation, the six refugees tell their life stories with the backing of a legal team and a public petition.

Far too many are wrongly sent back to a lifetime of persecution, imprisonment or death. We need to stop this now.

Emma Gunterberg Sachs, General Manager at West Pride


All love is equal and should include equality for everyone.

After national coverage around World Refugee Day, Minister Mikael Damberg has agreed to personally receive the list of names that demand a review of the LGBTQ+ asylum process. West Pride is also offering free legal counsel for the Ambassadors as they await decisions from the Swedish Migration Agency.