Endangered Pieces

Puzzles where each piece represents one animal left in the wild.

WWF EP HERO 1920x1080


Since 1961, WWF has been acting to safeguard wildlife. Yet many still struggle to understand the state of species decline.

As the popularity of jigsaw puzzles has increased rapidly, it presented the perfect canvas to portray the problem.



Endangered Pieces is a collection of customised jigsaw puzzles, where each piece represents one animal left in the wild.

With a message of both gravity and hope, the tactile experience lets us feel where the future of these animals lies. In our hands.

Released on Panda Day, the puzzles are presented in descending order. The lower the number, the higher the urgency.

Proceeds from Endangered Pieces will advance our ambitious plans to restore nature and safeguard wildlife. We are working hard to ensure that as this initiative grows, the number of pieces in each puzzle will grow as well.

Mark Charles, Vice President Marketing, WWF-Canada

If humans are the primary cause of destruction and loss, then humanity can be the facilitators of renewal and protection. No action is too small, and no action is too late. We are deeply grateful to everyone who supports WWF.

Ajaz Ahmed, CEO, AKQA


If we come together, there is still time.

By enabling moments where generations can sit down side by side, they can make a difference for those to come.

Endangered Pieces is an initiative from WWF-Canada, and all proceeds go to their vital conservation efforts. For a future where these puzzles hopefully will be harder.