More Than You Think

Celebrating the unexpected.

More Than You Think-Case Study Hero


People are looking to TikTok for inspiration and content that captures their curiosity. They are looking for community, and want to be celebrated for being themselves.

In the biggest brand communication the platform has launched in Germany, TikTok partnered with AKQA to proudly reflect TikTok as a community of individual creators making diverse and original content.

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We Are More Than You Think – a simple message to challenge perceptions.

To bring this message to life, reflection is placed on the joyous feeling of welcome and discovery you get when you first engage with TikTok.

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Using a swipe mechanic, original content from real creators is stitched together to subvert assumptions and celebrate individuality and solidarity within the TikTok community.

From dance steps to social movements, challenges to challengers – there is more to TikTok than expected.


Assumptions are challenged and new visitors are attracted to TikTok, intrigued to find out more.

We Are More Than You Think displays how TikTok has created a unique space that enables new forms of creativity. And the message continues to evolve, starting with the next initiative: We Are More Football Than You Think, which demonstrates the breadth and depth of the app’s thriving community.