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Decentralising and simplifying storage accessibility for all.

IFPS (Interplanetary File System) is a decentralised approach to file management combining the benefits of version control with the widespread distribution capabilities of secure peer-to-peer networks on a massive scale. is used to make the utilisation of IPFS simpler for developers and end users without compromising on performance.


Enabling greater portability of apps and user data.

With a clear understanding of the end user audience, AKQA Leap set designed the architecture and implemented solutions for users to pin their data on Together with Protocol Lab’s engineering team, digital expertise was used to build a quality product with meticulous architecture, delivering a complex piece of functionality. This project has the potential to positively impact the future of the web.


A Web 3.0 solution that’s a win for every user.

Content-addressed user-centric protocols like IPFS, DID (Decentralised Identifiers), and UCAN (User Controlled Authorisation Networks) are changing the web. is a cornerstone platform that strives to outperform its competitors by inspiring and guiding developers in their journey to build applications using pioneering protocols.

Data will be controlled less and less by a handful of major entities, continually increasing user trust by decentralising data storage. Ultimately, data retrieval will become easy to use while remaining highly performant and reliable.