A sound evolution

Headphones designed to remove everyday barriers.

Neurable - Hero


Making headphones universally accessible.

Born from over a decade of neuroscience research, Enten can measure brain activity through EEG sensors in the set’s ear cups. This feature enables listeners to maximise their two to three hours of high productivity each day while minimising distractions and muting notifications to keep them in the flow.


Paving the way for future products.

The AKQA Leap and Neurable teams collaborated to identify customer pain points, market size, and brand positioning to shape an innovative value proposition while also undertaking product discovery, UI, and development of product features.

To me, this is the promise of brain-computer interfaces: to not only improve our lives, but to create a world without limitations.

Ramses Alcaide, CEO and Co-founder, Neurable


Broader progression towards creating a world without limitations.

The strategic brand launch leads to Neurable taking a big step in their journey of commercialising neurotechnology. By being first to market with an affordable and well-built customer BCI (brain computer interface) product, they’re seen as innovators in neurotechnology.

Enten’s launch is an important step in changing how people connect to the devices in their lives. Technology’s purpose is to solve society’s biggest challenges; in the years to come, neuroscience will enable interaction with our devices in brand new ways.