A physical therapist at home

Enhancing access and accelerating growth.

GripAble Wrist extension


Improving access to therapy for online patients, while enhancing convenience and ease of use.

As an early-stage startup with venture backing, it’s crucial for GripAble to showcase a robust, evidence-based strategy and rapid product development. The aim is to improve access and therapy for a greater number of online patients, while enhancing convenience and ease of use.


Enhancing platform and product strategy through collaboration.

A new strategy was defined for GripAble, increasing access, use of their app and physical product.

Using enterprise-level applications for both web and mobile compatibility, a seamless upgrade of the GripAble platform was implemented. The platform provides engaging rehabilitation activities for people recovering from a wide range of neurological and orthopaedic conditions. Through the app, therapists create personalised training programmes, remotely monitoring physical progress with instant feedback on patient interaction. It’s a digital-meets-real life solution designed to improve remote patient care and treatment outcomes.


Accessible and affordable healthcare, globally.

Collectively GripAble and AKQA Leap coached product and project managers, developers and leadership. This brought about a greater understanding of how cross-functional teams can work together to create an exceptional product.

GripAble continues to build a revolutionary platform in healthcare, specifically physical therapy and rehabilitation. The new app and physical product enables GripAble to get the best possible solutions into as many hands as possible.