Volvo Cars

A not-so-big, big deal

Meet the fully electric EX30. Volvo’s smallest ever SUV.


It’s the little things that mean a lot.

History tells us that it’s the small steps that lead to the giant leaps. Like a strap of nylon with not two, but three points of connection. The three-point seatbelt – a small yet mighty innovation, from an equally small challenger company, that went on to revolutionise the industry and safety for all.

Volvo Cars has always embodied the power of small and, as future generations urge companies and society to do more with less, Volvo Cars has bet big on the next small thing: the EX30.



Small is mighty.

Even the smallest SUV can pack a big punch. Big on safety, sustainability and design, the new, fully electric Volvo EX30 is the best of Volvo, distilled.

Introduced globally, the launch of the EX30 brings big power to a small and mighty world that delightfully plays with scale and perspective, to help shift our perception of what we expect a fully electric Volvo car to be.

16x9 EX30 Unboxing Post reveal Thumbnail 1

We first meet the EX30 through a whimsical film featuring a mini, regular, and giant Jim Rowan – Volvo Cars’ own CEO – as he unboxes the car for the first time. He playfully highlights the EX30’s key features with equally proportioned models of the car, to showcase a brand both serious about safety and sustainability, and one that is not taking itself too seriously.

Before the premier, the film was teased across social and with physical tiny miniatures sent to select influencers to unbox live on launch day. Just like Jim himself.

The Unboxing film premiered live on YouTube and, at the same time, was broadcast in front of over 200 journalists and media at the reveal event in Milan. With a bigger-on-the-inside theme, the space featured a giant half-sunken steering wheel, giant seats and tyre which dwarfed the audience. Deeper within the space, four immersive rooms featured larger-than-life fabric knits and ambient looping animations to tell the story of the EX30’s interior sustainability while also cocooning visitors in its calming qualities.

During the event a live drive-on reveal and fireside-style chats featuring Volvo experts backed by beautiful, bespoke content, changed the format of what you’d expect from a car reveal.

Down the road at Volvo Studio Milan, things were flipped. Miniature EX30s were suspended on bold and abstract landscapes that exploded out of the walls and floors like undulating sculptures, encouraging passersby to take a closer look.

Beyond the launch, the endearing narrative continued with a hero feature film where the EX30 drives through macro and mighty landscapes made of its own materials.

Volvo 313

Set to the Bettye Swann track, Little Things Mean a Lot, the EX30’s playful personality is met by a heartfelt sentiment from Volvo, as they continue to strive to be leaders in the protection of people and the planet.

This work shows the power of having a clear and distinctive creative platform. We’ve created something special together, and set a new standard for what a car reveal can be.

Oskar Johansson, Creative Director, Volvo Cars


A small SUV doing big Volvo things.

Within the five days that followed reveal, the Unboxing film amassed over a million views on YouTube and counting. Press coverage, site visits and organic social reach, exceeded reveal phase goals, demonstrating that small beginnings can lead to big things. And in the case of the EX30, a huge appetite for Volvo Cars’ smallest ever SUV that’s just as safe and sustainable as any Volvo car.