Volvo Cars

Hej there

Say hello to Volvo EX90. The new, fully electric flagship SUV.


The safest car in Volvo’s history.

The Volvo EX90 marks a new era for Volvo Cars. Thanks to its Safe Space technology, the car forms an invisible shield of safety around its occupants and delivers Volvo’s most comprehensive level of standard safety ever. But the EX90 isn’t just Volvo’s safest car to date, it’s also their most intelligent. The EX90 understands, guides, and evolves with its driver. Not only making them be safe, but feel safe. Just like a friend.


The car that’s got your back.

Translate the EX90’s human-centric technology into a warm and friendly personality, and invite the world to get to know it better.

First to showcase the new flagship SUV was an event set in central Stockholm, Sweden. In the darkness of winter, rose a monument of light with the new Volvo as its beating heart, a physical shield of safety that demonstrated the car’s ability to sense its surroundings in real time. Welcoming visitors with glowing light, growing stronger as they moved closer to the car and guiding them to the interior where they could step into a sensorial journey and learn about its innovative features. In an industry where every car manufacturer does everything they can to get noticed, Volvo simply showed the car’s ability to notice the world.

In the days leading up to the Volvo EX90’s reveal, colour, form and shape was used to distort the audience’s view of the vehicle to build suspense. Playing on the notion of proximity-based understanding, a suite of assets were created to obscure and then resolve the silhouette of the new flagship SUV.

The structure itself reimagined the car’s human-centric technology to adapt and respond to those around it. An interactive gradient, inspired by the natural light in Sweden, illustrated the proximity-based understanding of the Volvo EX90 by growing warmer and safer as guests moved through the space and closer to the moment of reveal.

On its exterior, the launch site responded to the local community, changing colour and form as people approached and entered. Inside, immersive exhibitions illustrated the power of the car’s core computer, rendered guests in a live, responsive lidar point cloud and illustrated the power of bi-directional charging.

Following the event, a communications campaign introduced the EX90 to a global audience. It started with the car personally introducing itself through its charming welcome sequence with two winking headlights, before a series of visually arresting films followed, where the new flagship SUV presented its key features.

Hej There-reveal-thumb

Using first-person language, the car spoke to viewers in a way that can be read both as a description of one of the features, or as something a friend would say to another, emphasising the EX90’s warm personality and humanising its technology.

Set to a re-recording of the song ‘New World Coming’ – originally released in 1970 and now performed by Gothenburg native Augustine – the campaign spoke about a new era for Volvo Cars, and a new era for safety, through the release of the EX90.


A new day dawning.

The reveal of the EX90 marked Volvo cars most impactful launch to date, reinstating Volvo as safety pioneers as they step into a whole new era. The EX90’s cocoon in central Stockholm was visited by thousands of locals and tourists over four days, and the campaign was seen by millions around the world and inspired a record number of engagements with Volvo channels.