Volvo Penta

In Pursuit of Beyond

Penta thumb

From a longing to roam.

Shaped by waves.




We move with the calm, the chaos,
the heartbeat of our planet.




The more boundaries we cross,
the more we see there are none.

We see ourselves.

Our calling in the tide’s perpetual motion.

Our soul in the ocean’s serene relentlessness.

Our spirit on the horizon.

And our minds forever,

In Pursuit of Beyond.

Beyond today, for oceans tomorrow.

A new course has been set for Volvo Penta, the world leader in marine solutions. It encapsulates the brands’ relentless search for the next horizon and its commitment to delivering sustainable solutions. In Pursuit of Beyond is the new guiding principle for everything Volvo Penta undertakes at sea, enabling a shift from focusing on products to focusing on elevated experiences.

In Pursuit of Beyond.

From portraying magical experiences of adventure on serene waters, to highlighting durable solutions on the most rugged of seas, In Pursuit of Beyond is expressed through a distinct voice and visual language that finds equilibrium between inspiration and information. Drawing people in with the untameable beauty of the ocean, and allowing the story of Volvo Penta to unfold in a natural way. Inspiring the audience to imagine what their next journey at sea could look like for them or their business, and informing them about the Volvo Penta solutions that will enable it.

A new era for Volvo Penta.

This repositioning signifies a new chapter in the history of Volvo Penta. In Pursuit of Beyond has had ripple effects throughout the organisation, positively influencing business strategy, recruitment, internal and external communications as well as product and service offerings. This is the start of a journey that will take the promise of Volvo Penta into the future at sea.

This has helped us understand how we are unique, how we aim to lead, and where we need to go.

Jennifer Humphrey, Vice President of Marine Marketing, Volvo Penta