Snack in the Name of Play

Fight back against boring snacking.


Snacking has lost its play.

Snacking is meant to be messy, loud and colourful, yet we’re snacking more, but enjoying less. We’re snacking because we’re stressed or while multitasking. Fanta saw an opportunity to create new rituals that intensify every snack and protect snacktime from becoming just another mundane part of the day. Who better to fight for that cause than an icon of playfulness and indulgence?


When boring gets in the way, Fanta comes out to play.

It’s time to snap people out of their snacktime slumber. With its multi-sensorial flavours, Fanta intensifies moments of snacking. It makes popcorn pop. It gives pretzels pizzazz. Snackers are being reminded about the joy, while creating new moments that reach new audiences.

Fanta - Video thumb

Fanta is highlighted as protecting playfulness and intensifying flavours by shining a spotlight on the snackers who are embracing their silly selves. Content partners introduce new rituals that help elevate their playfulness, creating greater association between Fanta and snacking, while video, out of home and social remind viewers to snack loudly, messily and in the name of play.

Fanta looping thumb


Proud snackers, step into the spotlight.

This is the start of Fanta’s larger goal to bring joy back to snacking. Snackers are encouraged to come out of hiding and influencers who share a passion for colourful snacking are tapped into. These creators are infusing Fanta into their daily rituals, spreading the message via social. A shared movement composed of silly content and playful challenges has started, and everyone is invited to play.

Strong brands can only be built with true partnership. Beyond AKQA’s expertise and innovative thinking, the team is what makes the difference. People that care about society, and are mindful of what they put out. The best kind of partner we could ask for.

Chiara Martini, Creative Strategy Director, Fanta