Watson Health Data Connect

Changing healthcare with the power of data.


A world waiting to be unlocked.

It is often difficult for organisations to uncover valuable insights from the sea of data that is accessible. Recognising this, IBM has positioned itself as the go-to healthcare analytics company by introducing a new platform — Watson Health Data Connect.

To launch the new platform, IBM required Watson Health Data Connect’s complex nature to be simplified.


Multiple solutions. One platform.

IBM and AKQA built a digital experience that gives an overview of the new platform via a cohesive and interactive visual story. Utilising IBM’s iconic isometric grid pattern, the visuals highlight independent data inputs coming together on Health Data Connect platform, revealing insights unlocked with Watson.

The site breaks down key benefits for each target audience with relevant case studies. The topics show the range of problems that Health Data Connect can solve and demonstrate that it is far from a one-size-fits-all solution.


The next step in healthcare data.

IBM’s services and offerings are repositioned within Watson Health Data Connect with a singular narrative.

The site was launched during the HLTH conference, creating immediate visibility among the appropriate target audiences. By highlighting unique benefits, visitors are inspired to take healthcare data to the next level and move forward by getting in touch with IBM.