Watson Health Payer

Solutions for smarter health.


Healthcare is changing.

People are taking a more active role in managing their health, and expectations of service and experience are elevating. Health insurers have to meet these growing demands to stay relevant.


Powerful technology told beautifully.

Watson Health explores how humans and AI are being used to help healthcare payers transform member services. The experience takes viewers through a story of members, agents, and IBM Watson technology.

The complex is made effortless with a cohesive story. Each key player is encapsulated in an abstract, but familiar, 3D representation. Glowing dots denote ‘data’, branching paths become ‘possibilities’, and illumination represents ‘intelligence’.

The visual framework, paired with delightful natural language, results in a clear piece of storytelling. Users have full control and remain engaged while learning how Watson Health brings humans and technology together, to find insights neither could discover alone.

“The Payer experience pushes the Watson Health brand and visual language, and by extension the Watson brand, in a smart and sophisticated new direction. It grows IBM Design Language in a robust way that can be leveraged by any of our business units. The work is an example of how we’re adapting our high touch, formerly in-person client experiences for the web with the same level of effectiveness and visual impact.”

Brian Tafel, IBM Watson Health Creative Director

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A new benchmark for storytelling.

Recognised for innovation in digital design and development, the IBM Watson Health Payer site has been selected as favourite of the day in the FWA awards.

The experience illuminates the power of IBM products and services. Audiences gain a clearer understanding of IBM Watson Health technology, engaging them in more compelling ways than ever before.