In an era of big data, there’s no hiding for the small print.

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Data privacy is paramount for us all, but many of us simply scroll over our software T&Cs with an assumption that it’s not worth concern.

Watson can unearth the risks to your personal data hidden in the small print with the same suite of cutting-edge technology it uses to reduce privacy risks for businesses.


Meet Watson. Face to face.

Watson’s visual recognition, natural language processing and machine learning combine for a personalised, interactive AI introduction. Watson reads thousands of pages of T&Cs from the most downloaded apps, extracting the relevant privacy data, pinpointing the risks, before suggesting ways each guest can protect their invaluable information.

All of this happens in real time.

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Over 239,000 business leaders witness the power of Watson to mitigate risk in a highly personal way.

Launching at IBM’s flagship Think symposium, Triple-Checked tours seven further technology and commerce conferences globally, demonstrating how Watson’s technology can search for ‘needle in the haystack’ anomalies in long, complicated documents and alleviate business risk.

Triple-Checked raises the profile of data vulnerability for businesses and proves that in the era of big data there’s no hiding in the small print.