My Verizon

A personal assistant that unlocks the best of Verizon.

My Verizon App


Verizon is America's largest wireless provider and has helped create a world where every service imaginable is available on demand.

In the connected age, everything is instant. It's an expectation that's left traditional customer service models behind.

My Verizon App
My Verizon App
My Verizon App


Intelligent and easy to use, the My Verizon app meets the needs of 100 million subscribers, providing complete self-service through its intuitive, instantaneous design and conversational interface.

Featuring a simplified bill, personalised control centre, on-demand support and shopping functionality, the new app has achieved record-breaking sales, customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Within seven months of the app’s launch, Verizon’s mobile sales conversion rate rose 15.6x, and overall usage is up over 50%.

Bill payment within the app increased from 68% to 85% and is buoyed by a 27% lift in autopay enrollment.

The new app gives the network’s 113 million customers more control, with less work, all in the palm of their hand.

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